Getting started#

PyTwin provides Pythonic access to twin runtimes that were generated using Ansys Twin Builder and Ansys Twin Deployer.

PyTwin supports twin runtimes generated using 2023 R1 and later.

Licensing requirements#

For twin runtimes generated with 2023 R1, the Ansys License Manager must have a license file with the twin_builder_deployer feature available to use PyTwin.

For twin runtimes generated with 2023 R1 SP1 and later versions:

  • if the TWIN file is exported as ‘licensed’, the Ansys License Manager must have a license file with the twin_runtime feature available to use PyTwin.

  • if the TWIN file is exported as ‘unlicensed’, no license is needed to use PyTwin

Both the features twin_builder_deployer and twin_runtime are included in the Twin Deployer license file. Here is how you define the environment variable for specifying the location of Ansys License Manager:


Twin runtime dependencies#

The pytwin package allows you to execute deployment workflows based on TWIN files generated by Ansys Twin Builder. TWIN files are generally made up of several types of models, including system-level models, ROMs (reduced order models), third-party models, and FMU (Functional Mock-up Unit) files. Each of these models can have specific runtime dependencies. For example, Modelica models cross-compiled with Twin Deployer on Ubuntu 20.04 have a dependency on libgfortran5.

When executing twin runtimes through PyTwin on a specific environment, all dependencies of the twin runtimes, including the ones of their constitutive models, must be properly installed and made available in that environment.

Install the package#

The pytwin package supports Python 3.9 through Python 3.12 on Windows and Linux.

Install the latest release from PyPi with this command:

pip install pytwin

If you plan on doing local development of PyTwin with Git, install the latest release with this code:

git clone
cd pytwin
pip install pip -U
pip install -e .

Any changes that you make locally are reflected in your setup after you restart the Python kernel.

Additional PyAnsys libraries#

You can install and use these additional PyAnsys libraries:

  • PyAEDT, which provides access to Ansys Twin Builder for model creation and the generation of twin runtimes.