API reference#

This section describes the core Pythonic interfaces for twin runtimes. Here, you can find all APIs for consuming twin runtimes, from the lowest-level APIs with the ansys.pytwin.TwinRuntime class to the higher-level APIs with the ansys.pytwin.TwinModel class.

Twin runtimes#

The TwinRuntime <ansys.pytwin.TwinRuntime class provides access to all the twin runtime functionalities. It is the lowest-level API of the twin runtime SDK. For a workflow example, see Twin runtimes.


The TwinModel <ansys.pytwin.TwinModel class implements a higher-level abstraction to facilitate the manipulation and execution of a twin model. For more information, see Evaluate.

Global settings#

PyTwin provides global settings for configuring and changing both logging and directory options. For more information, see Global settings.

Other functions#

Some other PyTwin functions are available and used in examples. For more information, see Other functions.